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 In 2014 year the owner of A-grosik company has received the Medal for the Deserved in Export.

In November 2014 A-grosik company participated in the SIAL Abu Dhabi 2014 Food Exibition. During the event, our company took part in the  Innovation Product contest.


In April 2012 our company took part in Guangzhou International Food & Drink, Hotel, Foodservice & Restaurant Equipment, Supplies & Services Mega Show (GIFMS 2012)


The exhibition took place from 6th  to 9th  April 2012.

Guangzhou International Exhibition is one of the largest exhibition of this type in the world.

Present there were over 550 exhibitors from 20 countries presenting various types of premium food products as well as numerous equipment brands and services.


Aside from exhibitors there were over 15,000 professional buyers representing numerous Chinese and foreign companies as well as more than 300,000 local citizens.

A-grosik company was also present among numerous exhibitors present this year, proudly representing Poland and its traditional cuisine.

We are proud to say that our traditional vegetable and fruit preserves were so popular that we barely met with the demand for samples of our products!


Spectacular success of restaurant SARMATIA, the first Polish restaurant in China as well our experience during the Exhibition showed that Chinese began to appreciate Polish food.

We will do our best to make sure that A-grosik brand products and Polish cuisine will permanently enter the Chinese market!

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Summer Fancy Food Show, New York, 2008

Wwa08.JPG (145286 bytes) Promotion of Agrosik products  in Polish Deli in Warsaw

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Achievement KLUBU EKSPORTERA Medal "Outstanding  Exporter 2007 "

Interview with President of

 A-Grosik Co.

A-Grosik in Rzeczpospolita

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A-Grosik products in the United States of America