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Meticulous products selection assures the highest quality preserves to our clients


Extensive experience and know-how passed down for generations enabled us to build well renowned brand, trusted by many Clients globally


Rigorous suppliers selection process guarantees the wholesomeness of our products

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for generations together

It's time to spread the wings and share our life passion - fruit and vegetable preserves. Many years of work in the corporation and the experience gained allowed us to make those dreams come true. In 1998, in the kitchen, which is the heart of every home, the idea of A-grosik was born. For 3 generations, we have been enthusiasts of preserves that are healthy, without artificial preservatives and other chemical additives. We would like our products to accompany you when you gather together at the Family table, just like us, celebrating the time spent together. On our part, we will provide the best quality products, because we know that naturalness and care for nutritional values is a priority to our recipients.

Thank you for your trust, which allowed us to transform from a small producer into a recognized exporter, guaranteeing delicious products and caring for the health of future generations.


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